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Internet telefon

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No monthly fee (if you use the WIA Internet connection)
Calling from a land line in the SIPY network for free
Get a phone number for free or transfer your current number
Make free calls, because every month you receive almost an hour from WIA 5G calling with SIPY for free.
Calling from mobile phones from CZK 1.
Billing by the second from land lines.

Telefon Pricelist (incl. VAT)

Pricelist of SIPY calling service

Monthly fee
for free
Registration, phone number included
for free
Calling in the SIPY network
for free
Calling land lines in the Czech Republic
1,20 CZK/min.
Calling mobile phones in the Czech Republic
4,48 CZK/min.
For more information on calls from landlines, please visit

Telephone What equipment do I need?

Simply order a reliable IP telephone for your WIA 5G account. We recommend Siemens Gigaset, which you can order for a special price.
Price incl. VAT
Reliable Siemens Gigaset IP telephone
1502 Kč
Siemens Gigaset A510 IP
Dual mode
Menu in Czech
personalized ringtones for individual calling numbers
4 colour options for display
ECO DECT technology
Customer line 24 hours a day
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Customer centre in Cheb
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